About Us - General Information

Who? Currently 27 households consisting of 47 adults and 15 children, including couples with children, singles with children, couples without children, singles without children, "empty nesters, " and retirees; ages from 1 to 81 years

What? 27 households, featuring Santa Fe style, energy efficient, clustered dwellings with common facilities and open space

Our Shared Mission
To create a cooperative neighborhood of diverse individuals sharing human resources within an ecologically responsible community setting.

First formal meeting: April, 1992
Land contract: August 1994
Site planning and design: Fall 1994 - 1995
Construction began: December 1995
Common house and first homes completed: October 1996
All units completed: May 1997

Where? 5.5 acre parcel of land, 8 blocks south of 19th Street on the east side of Illinois Street in Golden, Colorado

How? Intensive interaction and decision-making to guide design, choices of facilities, membership and marketing, and community management. Sharing of responsibility and financial commitment.

Cost? Based on recent sales in Harmony Village in 2013, the purchase cost of a home in Harmony Village is around $200/square foot with unit sizes from 800 to 3450 sq. ft. This price includes common facilities and open space. However, selling price is determined by the owners at the time of sale. As of January 2014, Home Owners' Association dues range from about $155 to about $275/mo. depending on size of the unit, number of occupants, estimated maintenance costs and other factors. This covers the cost of insurance, lawn mowing, snow removal. The HOA dues also include funds for long term repairs and maintenance of building exteriors and common areas.

Openings? Currently, there are no units available for sale at Harmony Village. If you would like to be added to our list of interested buyers, please fill out our online interested buyers list. This list is furnished to residents interested in selling their units. Some owner-occupied homes are shared with renters, who are called Associate Residents. At times we are looking for renters for these shared homes and maintain an interested renters list. We have agreed not to sell units for rental purposes.

What is expected of members? Members participate in consensus decisions and are expected to:

In addition to monthly general meetings, the Community is currently asking that each adult resident contribute four hours of work per month to to ensure the safety, legality, and economic value of Harmony Village. Members who cannot do so are asked to pay additional homeowners' dues of $15 per hour for hours not contributed.

You can get a printable brochure about Harmony Village.

Harmony Village resident, Rick Cowlishaw, has written a couple articles that my help you understand cohousing and Harmony Village a little better:


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